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Sailing is fun!

Sailing is a really great sport and you can start learning the ropes at a fairly young age! You're more than welcome to join one of the youth sailing clubs at either Regattacenter Muiderzand or Sail‑Today

Beginners head out onto the water in Optimist sailing dinghies. Older children use O'pen BIC, Splash or Laser dinghies. One you've got the knack of sailing, you can participate in a wide range of competitions organised by the club.

Sailing courses
Sailing school Sail‑Today organises sailing courses specifically aimed at children aged between 7 and 12. Courses take place at weekends, in the spring, during the summer holidays and even in the autumn. Sailing holidays are also available during the school holidays. Please visit the Sail-Today website for more information about children's sailing courses and holidays.