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Messing around on the beach with a bucket and spade

Maybe you've got small children? If you're in harbour, then it's great if they can run around after being out and about on the water for any time. Our bathing beach, Strandbad Duin, is the ideal spot for the little ones to beachcomb, lark about and mess around in the sand and water for hours on end.

Play facilities
Muiderzand Marina has two options for children to play and amuse themselves. There's a playground on the harbour beach opposite the Strandbad Duin bathing beach. Here, you'll find swings, climbing frames and a slide. The other option is at the north end of the marina where there's a large sandpit and slide.

At Strandbad Duin, there's even a tree-stump trail through the reeds, a beach football pitch and rafts. They can even play with the water wheel. They'll have loads of fun!