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Relaxing ...

Only 6 km (3¾ miles) from Muiderzand Marina, you'll find Thermen la Mer, a luxury day spa. Spa is an abbreviation for sana per aquam (health by water). But you water sports enthusiasts already knew that water was good for you!

What's there to do here?
Thermen la Mer has a huge range of sauna-, health- and wellness-related services, both indoors and indoors, e.g. a traditional dry sauna, a herbal sauna, a Turkish steam bath, a Roman steam bath, infrared saunas, Kelo saunas, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, whirlpools, etc.

As well as spa and wellness, you can also book a beauty treatment or a massage from an experienced masseur.

Deliciously healthy food
And of course, there's a great restaurant with a patio where you can enjoy a deliciously healthy lunch or dinner. Alternatively, sample a fresh smoothie crammed full with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals!

Pamper yourself and treat yourself to a day's rest and relaxation at Thermen la Mer.

More information?
Please visit the Thermen la Mer website