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Lying off Pampus

If you'd like to visit a place of special interest that played a prominent role in Dutch maritime history, then get on board your boat and head north-west to Pampus – a tiny sea fort on an artificial island in the middle of the IJmeer!

What can you see on Pampus?

The Pampus sea fort was built between 1887 and 1895. It formed part of a defensive plan designed to protect Amsterdam from military attack – the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Dutch: Stelling van Amsterdam). The fort was built to defend against a naval attack from the IJmeer. A location was chosen on the Pampus sandbank.

Pampus Xperience – fascinating for young and old alike

Today, Pampus and the Stelling van Amsterdam are protected UNESCO World Heritage sites. The fort has a visitors' centre where you can enjoy the interactive Pampus Xperience exhibition that depicts the island's intriguing four-hundred-year history. A truly fascinating experience for young and old alike.

Under your own steam

You can get to Pampus using your own boat, but beware! There's a ring of basalt blocks just below water level on which boats can easily run aground, and apparently regularly do! The basalt ring is about 15 m (50 ft) offshore and is virtually undetectable. It is marked on most charts however!