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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

Lovely relaxed camping in the Safari Lodge

This safari tent has a robust exterior and offers you a luxurious camping experience.

There are two sleeping quarters, once of which with a double bed and one with a bunk bed. All beds are supplied with a pillow and a duvet for one person. There is also plenty of living space indoors. The beach lodge is supplied with a toilet, shower and wash basin. You can relax on the luxurious garden set with pillows underneath the awning.

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For the ultimate beach experience, there's even a super deluxe barbecue! Washrooms are situated just 50 m away in the marina.

In front of the beach lodge is a patio facing south-west – ideal for watching the sunset across the beach. What more could you possibly want?

Tip: Combine your stay with a visit to the HarborHouse restaurant, Steel Creek or Sun Runners, a stroll around the harbour, or head out on a catamaran or in a canoe. Seek rest and relaxation the way you like it!