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The IJsselmeerhavens

A partnership between 7 IJsselmeerharbours makes sailing a bit more fun! 

At the end of March 2017, while enjoying coffee and cake, the coöperation between 7 top harbours on the IJsselmeer was concluded within the hour in Volendam. Within a maximum of half a day sailing from each other, the IJsselmeer harbours offer a savings card . With the saving card, after three harbours have been visited, the overnight stay in the fourth harbour is completely free. The IJsselmeer is a beautiful sailing area and this saving system makes a trip just that much more fun!

How does it work?

The saving cart is available at every harbour office of the harbours en is free.  At every new harbour that is visited, the water sportsman receives a sticker on the savings card when the mooring fee is paid. Each participating IJsselmeerharbour can only issue a sticer per card once, so several nights in one harbour are good for only one sticker. But with 3 stickers (so if 3 harbours have already been visited), the fourth is free, no matter where it is. Do not forget to take the saving card with you during the checkout! 

Who will participate?

The cooperation is not unique, because the harbours follow examples such as the Seven Sisters in the Delta and the Randmeren Havenkring around the Randmeren. These are sailing networks that the berthholders like to use and therefore that this is now also possible for the IJsselmeer. The participants of the cooperation ''The IJsselmeerharbours'' are: Marina Den Oever, Marina Makkum, Marina Andijk, Marina Volendam, Marina Lelystad haven, Marina Waterland (Monnickendam) and Marina Muiderzand (Almere). 

Check the Facebookpage or visit the website.