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Corporate social responsibility, how do we do that?

  • Our showers work with a timer. That way we do not use too much water.
  • The toilets are flushed with 'gray' water instead of drinking water.
  • We collect paper, plastic, glass and chemical waste separately.
  • Drinking water on the pontoons is not intended for cleaning boats. For this purpose, reels on port water are available on the pontoons.
  • In our waste disposal area we process in a responsible manner, among other things, your paint, residues, rags and oil waste.
  • The lighting on the harbor consists as much as possible of (solar) LED lights. Timers prevent unnecessary energy consumption.
  • The electricity on the pontoons works with individual meters and switches off automatically so we are aware of the electricity use and prevent wasting resources .
  • We do not use pesticides, not in our gardening or pest control. 
  • We use 100% green electricity by purchasing energy from hydropower.
  • You can use bilge and black water pump free of charge. Ask your harbor master about its use!
  • We are a training company for (V) MBO & HBO and have work places for employees with a distance to the job market. 
  • Thuishavens has been the Business Angel of Plastic Soup Foundation since 2014.  
  • The harbor office is ''paperless'' wherever possible.
  • Everywhere on the site you will see recycled materials, whether there are our old pontoons or lighting fixtures.
  • Bicycles are made available free of charge, if possible we use electric transport and tools. E-bikes can be charged free of charge. 
  • Safety for our guest and employees is of great importance. 
  • In our communicaton we carry out our care for nature, people and animals.

Discover the beauty of Marina Muiderzand trough the lens of nature phtotgrapher Ernest Kox