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Hotspot on the Randstad's beach...

Muiderzand Marina is situated in the Netherlands' newest city. It's a marina that blends perfectly with new town Almere. Modern, dynamic, dazzling and imbued with the pioneer spirit!

You'll find Europe's largest catamaran beach here, and sailors tacking and jibing left and right across the water. It's hard to believe that Almere stands where, only seventy years ago, there was only water – before Flevoland was reclaimed from the sea! Let's go back in time...

...captain's log, 1981. Almere was celebrating its fifth anniversary! The new Dutch province of Flevoland still needed to be zoned and landscaped, and the Dutch national forestry service had just opened the Muiderzand camping site.

Guests reached this site in the middle of nowhere along a narrow county lane. There was nothing here. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing! Oh, except for beach and water of course. It wasn't long before water sports became the main leisure pursuit in the area.

Smurf Village
In 1992, a man by the name of Bot bought the camping site and built an adjoining marina. He painted everything bright blue, earning the marina the name 'Smurf Village' – in Dutch Het Smurfendorp.

A few years later, Jan Willem den Daas took over at the helm. Den Daas was a brick manufacturer, but had just diversified into the leisure and recreation industry under the name Den Daas Recreatie.

With Den Daas at the helm, the marina grew into the marina we all know and love today – the most luxurious marina in Flevoland. Young and modern!

Boom town, boom marina
Meanwhile, it wasn't only the marina that had been growing, the entire region was booming. Almere grew from a one-street town into a city totalling 200,000 inhabitants.

In 2005, construction work started on the Almere Poort borough – the area that is now home to Muiderzand Marina. A start was made on Almere Duin in 2011, a neighbourhood in which Muiderzand Marina plays a central role to this day. Construction is still in full swing.

Picturesque dunes are being zoned and the new district is gradually taking on the air and joie de vivre of a seaside resort.

Respect for nature
Muiderzand Camping Site – where it all started – no longer exists, except for a few fields and camping spots that serve as a reminder of our roots. What remains, however, is a profound respect for the countryside around us. Our guests can spend the night in a beach lodge or dune house and children can enjoy any one of countless nature activities.

Muiderzand Marina also plays an exemplary role in terms of sustainability. We use 'grey' water instead of drinking water to flush toilets, virtually zero pesticides and FSC-certified wood to replace old jetty parts.

Muiderzand Marina conducts its business in a socially responsible fashion and provides high-quality service, which has earned it two prestigious awards – 'The Blue Flag' and 'The Golden Anchor'.

Formidable comfort
Muiderzand Marina has had a formidable and unrivalled reputation in terms of service and ambiance for years now. The harbour exudes an air of luxuriousness and tranquillity, grandeur yet intimacy. The sheds where George Kniest and Shipshape are located are remnants from the former Smurf Vilage.

There are even plans on the drawing board to restore the former exercise course to its former glory that used to be located on the Almeerderstrand beach alongside the old camping site. Working out – outdoors – is back in!

Explore, experience, enjoy
Muiderzand Marina is one of the sustainable, full-service Thuishavens (homeports) operated by Den Daas Recreatie, our parent company in Elst. Whereas the Thuishavens focus is on water sports, Den Daas actually has its roots in the brick-making industry. Den Daas Recreatie's owners grew up right next door to their brick factory with the smell of hot sand in the air.

Even today, their passion and love for bricks, entrepreneurship and nature permeates every aspect of the way they run their business. To celebrate this, they introduced 't Klinkertje beer – a light ale whose name translates as 'The Little Clinker Brick'. It's a unique beer that was specially brewed for the Thuishavens and is available at all the bars, cafés and restaurants around the Thuishaven marinas.

Den Daas Recreatie is responsible for servicing and supporting all the Thuishaven marinas, so that our teams can do what they love doing most – providing guests with first-class service and an unforgettable experience!