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Den Daas Recreatie is careful to ensure that the information provided on this website is as accurate and complete as possible. Its content and functionality are checked, updated and optimised as carefully as possible. It is possible however that information is outdated, incorrect or incomplete. Den Daas Recreatie cannot guarantee that this website will function without any form of error or disruption.

It is prohibited to use this site if by doing so:

  • you disrupt other visitors' use of this website
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  • you alter the information provided on this website or its underlying software

Third-Party Information, Products & Services
This website contains references to third-party information, products and services by means of hyperlinks or otherwise. Den Daas Recreatie cannot be held liable for the content to which such links or references may refer. Use of the information and services provided by third parties is at the website user's own cost and risk.

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are saved by an internet page to your PC, tablet or smartphone. These cookies are used to improve website usage and to track website visits, so that Den Daas Recreatie can determine how many people visit this website in any given period. Den Daas Recreatie only uses this data in an aggregated form and cannot use it to identify any particular user or PC.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. Analytics cookies provide Den Daas Recreatie with an insight into various aspects of website visits, e.g. visitor nos., popular pages and popular subjects. By doing so, Den Daas Recreatie can improve its communications and website to meets its visitors' needs and requirements more effectively. Den Daas Recreatie cannot identify who or which PC has visited its website. Google, as service provider, is able to identify users and PCs however.

Ad Display Cookies
Den Daas Recreatie often runs campaigns for promotional purposes. To do so, it places advertisements on various other websites. Advertising space is purchased via media agencies and advertising networks. They act as an intermediary between website owners and advertisers.

This is achieved using cookies. These cookies:

  • track which advertisements you have already seen in order to prevent them from being displayed too often
  • track how many visitors click on an advertisement for advertiser billing purposes

Exclusion of Liability
Den Daas Recreatie cannot accept any liability for any damages whatsoever, arising from the use of this website or as a result of any temporary inability to access this website.

Intellectual Property Rights
Den Daas Recreatie reserves all rights (including copyright, trademarks and patents) relating to information provided on this website (including written content, graphics and logos). No part of this website may be reproduced, replicated or redistributed in any way whatsoever, other than by downloading and printing information for personal use, without express permission from Den Daas Recreatie.

Den Daas Recreatie reserves the right to change the information provided on this website (including this disclaimer) at any time without prior notification.