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2018 was a special year. For the first time, the authorities worked hard on the Markermeer and IJmeer to limit the inconvenience to water recreation. For example, the number of hectares to be mowed from 35 on the IJmeer was increased to 200 and on the Markermeer from 20 to 300 hectares.

The province of Flevoland and North Holland, together with Rijkswaterstaat, became the owner of the app plant water detector and you happily reported a lot of the nuisance through this app.

For 2019, at least 500 hectares will be mowed and next to the navigation channel recreational gullies will be made with concrete that are always kept plant-free.

Behind the scenes, hard work is being done to double or triple the hectares to be mowed. The first consultation with all parties concerned, the surrounding municipalities and authorities, took place on 2 October. A foundation is set up from the users who will coordinate mowing in this area in which Muiderzand will also take part.

You will hear more soon!