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For boats small and large

At Muiderzand Marina, water sports enthusiasts with boats on trailers will find every facility they could possibly need. The marina even has great berths for dinghies and even canoes.

Dinghy beach for canoes too…

There's room on the dinghy beach (jollenstrand) for 150 open sailing dinghies. The beach's shallow waters are perfect for young and novice sailors to safely launch or put their dinghy ashore. Canoeists can also use this beach. We've even fitted the beach's spacious berths with ground anchors for securely tying up canoes and dinghies.

Trailer slipway – getting in and out of the water with ease

If you're thinking about sailing a different lake each day, then Muiderzand Marina makes things really easy for trailer owners – we've got an excellent slipway that you can easily drive your trailer onto. What's more, parking's free if you're using our slipway. And don't forget that our Trailer Pass is a great deal if you're thinking about using slipways at the other harbours in the Thuishaven group of 'homeports'.

Good deal on Trailer Pass at all Thuishaven harbours!

Tip: A Thuishaven Trailer Pass costs only €100 and buys you ten launches (parking included). You can use the pass at all the Thuishaven harbours. This is a great offer and a lot of fun because each Thuishaven provides a completely different sailing experience and area to explore. They're worth discovering! These are the other trailer Thuishavens: