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Kite & Surfspot @ Muiderzand

Marina Muiderzand has a kitespot on the north side of the catamaran beach with it's own piece of grass and beach from the catamarans and boats. Along the IJmeerdijk to the Oostvaardersdijk a (kite) surfing area has been designated, as shown on the map below.  


From 2019 kitesurfing is allowed all year long except with East and North-East winds. Why? You can read that here . The beach has al the facilities such as showers, toilets and waste bins to keep the beach clean. For families with childeren, a recreational beach is located in the north corner of the first room near the playground. 

Safety first!

Swimming is not allowed in the bowls or on the (kite) surf beach and the beach and the lawn can not be used for beach recreation. At the same time mooring boats are not allowed there, that is possible at the floating terrace at the pavilion. At Sail Today  you can book lessons or rent equipment. Beachclub Sun Runners serves lovely fingerfood and drinks. Can you kite from a boat? At Kitetender you can experience the Kitetender.

Parking rates April - October

Low rate: From November to March (no kiters that is forbidden in that period!!) and after 4.30 pm en before 22 pm (high season) 

  • € 2,00 per car

High rate: from April till October from van 7 am - 4.30 pm

  • € 5,00 percar

Daily rate from van 7 am – 22 pm April till October

  • € 7,00 per car

Overnight, campers/cars after 22 pm

  • € 14,50 per car/ camper

Ask for the options of a supscription if you are a regular visitor!

A supscription can only be made through the reception of the Marina and is only intended in combination with surf/ catamaran activities. 
More questions or information? Call at 036 536 9151 or send an e-mail to of via through our chat function.