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A yacht broker who knows the ropes...

Getting the urge to buy another boat? A different boat? Or your first boat? It doesn't necessarily have to be a new boat. Drop by Yachting Company Muiderzand (YCM) to take a look. They have a great selection of used boats.

A wide selection from dinghies to yachts...

YCM is a broker based at Muiderzand Marina with forty berths in the water and on the quayside. YCM's boats are priced roughly between €45,000 and €500,000… a wide range, hence something for everyone's budget! If you already know exactly what you're looking for, then you can submit a search request. This can save you a lot of time!


Nearly all of YCM's boats are pre-approved by the ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club), so that you can buy or sell a boat with full confidence.

Yacht sales

Yachting Company Muiderzand mediates to WISH, both from its sales harbor as from the private mooring and operates competitively.



Yachting Company Muiderzand is exclusive dealer of Zinder Boats; a fast-moving, high-quality, Dutch-built aluminum tender boat that excels in design and character.


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