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Boat repair and maintenance

Sail torn? Canvas need cleaning? Sheet, halyard or mooring line need replacing? Look no further than Sailloft for all your maintenance and repair needs. True professionals! And dealers for Quantum Sails.

Quick repair!
Sailloft should be your first port of call for all your repair, maintenance and overhaul needs. Here, they'll also repair any canvassing quickly and expertly. As well as repairs and maintenance, you can call on Sailloft to have a third reef fitted, battens inserted or a leech recut.

Winter storage for sails and canvas
If you're going to put your boat into winter storage, you'll need somewhere for your sails. Luckily, Sailloft has a solution. They can remove all the sails and canvas from your boat at the end of the season. And at the start of the season, they'll rig them back up for you! It couldn't be easier.

More information?
Please visit Sailloft's website or simply drop by!