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Rapsody Yachts & Roughneck Ribs

Since September 2018 Marina Muiderzand has been enriched with two motorboat brands: Rapsody Yachts and Roughneck Ribs.

Rapsody Yachts

Rapsody Yachts stands for ultimate sailing tenders and motor yachts. Every model is tough, fast and stylisch. The best historical and modern properties are forged together in a strong piece of quality and seaworthiness of Dutch soil.

Roughneck Ribs

Roughneck is originally a label that was proudly worn by the oil workers of the North Sea. No sea too high for these daredevils. This also applies to the traditional Dutch RIBS from Roughneck. These Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) are characterized by extreme strength, endurance and courage.


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