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Everything for your boat and much, much more

Your decks need cleaning, but your brush is broken? Your trim needs replacing? Your boat needs a good revarnishing? Then make a beeline for George Kniest Boat Equipment for all your ship's supplies.

For all your maintenance and sailing supplies
This chandlery sells everything you could possibly need to repair or maintain your boat – from cleaning products and items to wax and varnish. But also all the safety equipment you could ever need, e.g. lines, engines, lifejackets and buoys.

Professional staff
George Kniest's staff know what they're talking about! All of them are genuine water sports enthusiasts and true professionals. They'll advise you if you have any queries about repair or maintenance work on your boat. And they'll make sure you leave the store with the right product!

More information?
Please visit the chandlery's website or simply drop by!