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Active water sports club

Flevomare is an active and growing water sports club based at Muiderzand Marina. It organises a whole host of exciting activities all year round.

From lectures to tours…
This active club organises lectures all year round. Flevomare's tours are also popular far and wide, including:

  • VPAK – from Voor Pampus (now the HarborHouse restaurant) to the Amsterdamsch Koffijhuis (a restaurant on Terschelling).
  • The Flevomare Four Hour

Regular visitors to Muiderzand Marina will already be highly familiar with these tours!

And of course competitions!
Of course, they also organise a wide range of competitions for fanatic sailors, e.g. the annual Winter Competition, the Almere Regatta and the Pampus Regatta!

More information?
Please visit the Flevomare website