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Hiswa Blauwe vlag Golden Anchors

No events this day. Below you will find an overview of all the events.

  • NK Windsurfing Muiderzand
    Saturday 21 September 2019 - Sunday 22 September 2019

    NK Windsurfing Muiderzand

    In the 2019 tour Muiderzand is back on the agenda. Read all about it here

  • Najaarsbokaal
    Sunday 6 October 2019 - Sunday 13 October 2019


  • Libelle summer festival
    Thursday 14 May 2020 - Friday 22 May 2020

    Libelle summer festival

    The Liblle Sommer festival will be on the Almeerderstrand from the 18th of May till the 24 of May.